The Jack Wood, known for their wild and unpredictable live performances, continue in the footsteps of Iggy Pop and The Stooges so convincingly that you’ll never believe that this fierce garage rock band comes from Tomsk, a city in the depths of the vast Siberia. You could’ve heard the powerful voice of The Jack Wood’s fragile front singer Sasha in the House of Cards TV series, because she was the one who performed «Don’t Cry Genocide» by art punk project Pussy Riot from the series’ soundtrack. The Jack Wood, inspired by the classic blues rock and protopunk, have collaborated with such rock heroes as Richard Hell, Lenny Kaye, Mark Ribot, Nick Zinner, Thurston Moore and Le Tigre. They represented Russia at the Glastonbury Festival in 2015, have done several European tours, and have recorded three full-fledged albums that were highly acclaimed both by the critics and the audiences.



The band’s front singer Sasha, demonstrates her mastery of techniques likea crafty fighter — she howls like young PJ Harvey, croaks like Diamanda Galas, and clearly shows that the community of Russian rock witches still awaits its thorough study. /Rolling Stone/


Raw, primitive, and rockin,’ Russian garage- protopunkers The Jack Wood look as cool as  they sound – the guitarist, masterfully tatted, a badass drummer, and the tiny singer with the big voice. /KEXP/


Vicious garage rock with shades of blues, howls, counting rhymes and piercing guitar riff. /Rolling Stone/

photo by Paul Boyling